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Could you be allergic to your pet? Here are some tips from the Feelgood Pet's team!

Many people suffer from allergies, and what is even more distressing is that their animals are sometimes the cause. Pet owners often feel miserable because they have watery eyes, a runny nose and are sneezing all the time! In some cases, those who have developed severe allergies may even have to make the decision to place their pet in another home so that that they can be allergy-free – this is of course especially heart breaking because you love your pet dearly. There are however, alternatives to help pet owners with allergies:

What causes an allergic reaction to pets?

An allergic reaction is usually caused by touching or inhaling allergens (this is referred to as the substance that causes an allergic reaction). The most common pet allergens are dander (dead skin that is constantly shed by your animal), saliva, urine and sebaceous cells. People are not only allergic to dogs or cats but can also be allergic to other animals such as hamsters, rabbits, birds or even larger animals such as horses and cows. They may also be more allergic to certain animals than others, and certain animals within a given species may cause more of allergic reaction than others, as in the case of cats.
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What symptoms can you expect?

People with allergies will often experience symptoms which include itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, red, itchy skin or a rash as well as asthma symptoms. In the Feelgood Health range, we have a natural remedy called AllergiClear which contains  a natural antihistamine which treats and prevents allergies.
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How to reduce pet allergies in the home?

There are a number of steps that you can take to minimise pet allergies in your immediate environment. Create an allergen-free bedroom by preventing your pet from entering this room. Let your bedroom be your sanctuary and the one place where you can enjoy a good night’s rest free of allergens. Invest in hypoallergenic bed linen and pillows. If your pet sleeps indoors, create a designated area for him to sleep on his own comfy bed.

Clean your home frequently by washing your bed linen, curtains, cushion covers and pet bedding in hot water. Pet hair and dander collects on upholstery, rugs and carpets and that is why they should either be washed, steam cleaned or vacuumed thoroughly. A good idea is to replace curtains with wooden blinds and cover furniture with loose, cotton slipcovers. 

Invest in an air purifier or use an anti-allergen room spray to keep your home free of allergens and pollutants.
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What you can do to decontaminate your pet

Many people with allergies to pets often cannot bear the thought of not being able to live with their furry friend. For this reason, it is important to take the necessary precautions to disinfect your pet and protect yourself. Bathe your pet regularly using a vet recommended or natural shampoo that won’t dry out your animal’s skin. Giving your pooch or kitty a regular bath will help to wash off the allergens that accumulate in the fur and skin.

Feed your pet a hypoallergenic diet recommended by your local vet or better still, make the switch to a more natural diet. DoggoBone Raw Active food for dogs and Vondi’s Cooked Foods contain all natural ingredients and are proven to reduce allergy symptoms in pets (available from Feelgood Health Shop, Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town or call 021 7970193 to order)

Keep an eye on pets with dermatitis as this often leads to excessive skin and fur shedding, which then increases your exposure to allergens. Remember to brush and comb your pet’s fur daily so that they don’t shed inside your home.

In the Feelgood Pets range, our Skin & Coat Tonic is an excellent natural treatment for all types of conditions especially dermatitis, dandruff, eczema or hair loss. This remedy will help to restore shine and health, and heal the skin and fur. For dogs and cats that suffer from allergies, AllergiClear Pets reduces and prevent the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, flea bite dermatitis or inhaled allergens such as grass or pollen. Both Skin & Coat Tonic and AllergiClear Pets can used together as preventative treatment program for pets with skin problems and allergies.

If your pet’s allergy includes itching and scratching, Allergy Itch Ease is a 100% homeopathic remedy which will help to reduce itching and scratching, calming the skin and the pet.
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How to take care of yourself

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling your pet and encourage your family members to do the same. Shower before going to bed so that pet allergens are not transferred onto bed linen. If possible hire someone to clean your home and in that way, you can reduce exposure to allergens. However, if you have to clean your house or dust, then be sure to wear a dust mask.

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet has been shown to reduce symptoms dramatically, so make sure that you and your family are sticking to an allergy-friendly diet. Allergen experts advise that you take a probiotic supplement daily to encourage good bacteria in the body which is vital for a healthy immune system to fight off illness and infection.

By reducing allergen overload in the home and reducing allergic reactions to your beloved pets, you and your family, furry companions included, will be able to live in harmony together.
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