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How to keep your pets healthy and strong!

It's a fact that your animal is far more in tune with nature than you are...
Animals in the wild know what's good for them and often seek out specific plants when they feel unwell. Your pet relies on you to make sure that food, shelter and health care is of the utmost high standards. To this end, many animals become sick through environmental factors, stress triggers and other variables that you as an owner may not foresee. That's where natural remedies come in...

Feelgood Pets PetAlive has for many years sought to really capture the essence of pet care - by empowering you, the pet owner, with knowledge to help keep your animals healthy. We believe that prevention is better than cure and that nature has shown this for thousands of years! We also feel that pets should be cared for in a holistic manner - addressing the underlying issue and not just the symptoms… so we have a wide range of products using natural herbs and homeopathic ingredients specific to animal conditions and afflictions.

Cape Town Pet Health Consultant, Cathy Samuel, was asked to choose her favourite remedies in our range… This is what she said:

Cathy calls these the 'Vital 8'...

1. MobiLive Pets
"The reason I love this remedy is because by far the most animal related injuries are to joints, ligaments and tendons. Taking MobiLive Pets daily means your pet is exposed to natural ingredients like Devil's Claw - which has been scientifically proven to ease range of movement. Pets who already have joint issues and degenerative joint disease would certainly also benefit from this remedy (see our tips for older pets here). If your dog or cat is showing signs of joint trouble - whimpering upon getting up or thickening of joints or swelling in the joint, this remedy is a must for the medicine cabinet. (Here are some questions and answers about pet joint health)."
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2. AllergiClear Pets & Allergy Itch Ease
"If you see your pet scratching profusely or red blotches on the skin that may start to weep (with or without hair loss), chances are he or she is suffering with a nasty skin allergy - likely brought about by flea saliva! As a pet owner myself, I find that in hot weather my pet's allergies tend to erupt with a vengeance. Even pets without fleas may have food allergies (read our raw food tips here) or be allergic to household products. A bad cycle develops: the more your pet scratches the more he itches - and conventional treatments for allergy, like cortisone, pose the risk of side effects. For that reason, ingredients that are natural like Quercitin and Eyebright can help to stabilise the irritation and get to work repairing and soothing the inflamed tissue. I would recommend AllergiClear Pets to be used to address the allergy itself (as a treatment or preventative) and Allergy Itch Ease to immediately stop the constant need to scratch."
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3. Immunity & Liver Support
"I'm the type of pet owner that prefers to err on the safe side - which is why I don't leave my pet's health up to chance. I always say that 'just like us, animals need daily supplements' and this remedy is one of those products that should be used daily in every animal household. The Liver is a vital organ and just like in humans - the whole body suffers when the Liver cannot function properly. Your animal is subjected to germs and pathogens on a daily basis every time you walk him. Parks, other pets and water sites along the way can harbour triggers for illness. If immunity and the Liver is not healthy, your animal gets ill. This is why a strong immune system is so important and why Immunity and Liver Support makes my top ten list. Another tip is to use it every time you de-flea or medicate your animal with conventional drugs, to reduce negative health effects."
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4. PetCalm
"One of the questions I get asked most by pet owners is how to help a nervous or stressed pet calm down. Of course, I always advise that the source of the stress is identified and stopped, but also that owners avoid serious sedative medication. Many breeds have heart issues that may put them at risk of complications if they are sedated. For this very reason, I would rather that owners use a natural product like PetCalm. It has only natural, animal-safe ingredients and can be used year round when fireworks, pet-sitters, friends and family get too loud and boisterous! Nervous cats and skittish dogs will soon morph into calm, content fluff balls before your eyes… making this a MUST buy product if you want to help your pet to relax.  Also, if thunder is the culprit, there are some great behavior tips here."
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5. Skin & Coat Tonic
"The coat of your dog or cat can literally be a sign of good health or illness. If you see any patches, hair loss, greasy patches, skin warts or scales your pooch or kitty may need some extra pep in the health department. I have witnessed many show dogs use Skin and Coat Tonic to prepare for competition with amazing results. Spirulina, Horsetail and Dandelion are just a few of the natural herbs in this remedy to give an animal's coat that shine and health from follicle to tip of the hair shaft. All-in-all a great skin product too - to partner up with AllergiClear Pets if a lot of scratching and skin dermatitis is present - it really helps the skin to get healthy again."
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6. UTI-Free
"Bladder issues are never easy when it comes to animals - urinary tract infections and bladder cystitis can cause problem behaviour - urinating in unusual places or licking genitals, not to mention your poor animal who may be struggling to urinate at all! Remember that an animal struggling to urinate (could be a blocked bladder) is a veterinary emergency and should be checked by your vet urgently! Conventional antibiotics tend to be prescribed, however antibiotics tend to have a general weakening effect on the immune system which can cause further problems for your pet. I like the fact thatUTI-Free uses only homeopathic natural ingredients to address bladder issues - so you know that no further harm is being done. The triple benefit of the ingredients: Berberis, Cantharis and Staphysagris addresses bacterial overgrowth and underlying bladder illness perfectly."
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"I give this to my pets throughout the year, just mixed into their food. It really cuts back on all the digestive issues that my dogs suffer with usually - from common bloating to upset stomachs and flatulence. Remember that even if your pet eats 'healthy' foods, there are always those times when his tummy could be 'iffy' and need some soothing. I would definitely recommend this to all pet owners - and see what a difference it makes! If your animals are fussy about herbal smells, just hide one in a healthy treat (lean sausage) or hold his or her mouth closed gently and blow very slightly on the nose to cause a reflex swallow of the capsule."
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8. C-Caps
"Sadly, too often I see owners devastated by a diagnosis of Cancer in their animal. However, I have also seen these very same animals flourish while on the natural C-Caps remedy. We have before and after photo's and thank you letters of successful health maintenance while on this product. (If you need tips on how to prevent Cancer in your pets, here are the top 4 causes). Although Cancer is not always curable, I would strongly recommend this for any pet who is battling the disease - so that he or she has the best quality of life and proper natural nutrients. Astragalus in the formula helps to boost energy levels and prop up an ailing immune system. Various specific herbs in the remedy also aim to flush out toxins which may be a result of conventional prescribed medications to treat the disease. C-caps is a must-have if your pet is struggling with Cancer."
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