Natural help for Flea Bite Dermatitis

The most important thing when dealing with an allergic skin reaction in your animal is to eradicate the source of the problem. Fleas in particular can set up an awful cycle: the more your pet scratches, the more they itch! So the key is to address the root cause: and get rid of the fleas!

The bad news:

Conventional flea medications and repellants are very strong and harsh on your pet’s system – they very often come with nasty side effects – they are poison after all! This can leave your pet lethargic and feeling rather under the weather. Many delicate body systems are put under strain when an animal is dosed or sprayed with anti-flea products, but these products ARE needed to eradicate fleas.

The good news:

Luckily, nature in its wisdom has the answer. Many herbs are used in traditional medicine worldwide to help balance and support the animal body after trauma or when conventional medications have taken their toll on the body. Many natural products have been formulated with this in mind, to gently help restore health and help get things back on track. Immunity and liver Support can be a great accompaniment to conventional flea treatments. As most flea lesions occur on the neck and lumbar region for cats, and the lumbar, abdominal area, flanks and thighs for dogs, these areas can be sprayed with a natural mite spray that contains soothing herbal ingredients to help with healing and regeneration of healthy skin. Gentle creams specifically for pets, can be applied to the actual flea bites, and provide great relief, fast and effectively. These are both great examples of how natural products can be a handy counter-action against harsh conventional drugs.

Another very important thing is that the skin is your pet’s largest organ! When it’s irritated or in distress it needs to be treated. A general skin tonic can work wonders, giving vitality and health from within – adding shine to dull coats ravaged by fleas (or stripped from excessive biting and scratching). This can also greatly help fur to grow back healthily and quickly.

For pets with extra sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic shampoo is best! Natural shampoos can help nourish the skin without stripping it of essential oils. These shampoos also can contain herbs that in nature repel insects naturally!

The Oatmeal Rinse

Here is a great tip! After washing your pet with a hypoallergenic shampoo, take a cup of oatmeal and dissolve it in a bucket of warm water (dependent on your pets size, you may need less or more). Strain the oatmeal, and use this left over solution as a water rinse on your pet. This oatmeal infused liquid will help to soothe the skin and guard against itching. Pat them gently dry with a towel and give them a kiss for good measure!

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