Dried Pet Food - Is it always unhealthy?

Is dry pet food always unhealthy?

Dried Pet Food – Is it always unhealthy?

The straight out answer is NO! However, the actual process of making dry pet food, as well as the ingredients used both needs to be taken into consideration.

Do dry food pellets clean your pet’s teeth?

Your pet’s teeth are designed differently to that of yours. Their teeth are more pointed (even their molars) so it is quite obvious to say that their teeth have been designed to cut and tear. The myth that dry pellets (kibble) cleans your pet’s teeth isn’t all that true. Pets either swallow whole pellets or they literally get snapped in half before being swallowed quite quickly.

Do you want to feed your pet highly nutritious food or food that merely fills the hole?

The reason why we feel at Feelgood Pets that raw food is a better option is because this is what your pet’s digestive system has been designed to eat! Also, because you know what your pet is getting, unlike conventional dry pellet food – what goes into dry pellet food is much to be desired and how much of “other” ingredients are used we can’t really say. In addition in saying this some pet food is designed in such a way that your pet’s bowel movements become less frequent – the thinking is that because it is of “higher” quality your pet doesn’t need to get rid of the unwanted parts as often. This is not healthy for your pet. Your pet needs to have regular bowel movements, otherwise it can develop blocked anal glands which can be really painful. If this is a health issue for your pet we recommend a natural remedy like Feelgood Pets AnalGlandz.

The final conclusion of Dry Vs Raw Pet Food

As with humans, whole food, as close to natural, minimally processed and without non-nutritive additives is the healthiest for your pet. Because it’s not always convenient or possible to prepare food especially for your pets, we sell conveniently frozen Doggobone Raw Food and Vondi’s Home Made Meals. If you live in Cape Town, pop into our Feelgood Health Shop at Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre to stock up.

We are also proud to introduce Dry Pet Food that has been freeze dried like Grandma Lucy’s Artisan dog food – freeze dried whole food that has the convenience of dried food (no need for refrigeration!) without the health disadvantages. Simply add water to bring the food back to it’s natural state!. Freeze dried means that your pet’s meal has literally just been flash frozen after it has been prepared and freeze dried with no added fillers, colourants and preservatives. The nutritional content is still high and the health benefits are the same as raw dog food. Grandma Lucy’s is convenient, all you need to do is add some water and voila your pet has a delicious home cooked meal with all the right stuff!.

Health issues in pets related to poor quality pet food

Your pet is what it eats! We want your pet to lead a healthy long life. This means that their diet needs to be full of all the essential vitamins & minerals they require on a daily basis. By adding Vondi’s Multi-Vitamin Supplement to their meals you can help. If your pet has developed any of the below health issues, we can naturally help and advise how to treat them accordingly:

    • Obesity – A common issue in pets due to the high fat content in conventional pet food. We recommend Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food, Vondi’s Frozen Raw Food and Doggobone Frozen Raw Food.
    • Pancreatitis – Another health issue from diets that have a lot of fat in them. Usually stems from Diabetes. We can recommend giving your dog DiabeTonic to help treat the health condition.
    • Bladder Stones – Developed from diets that contain too much calcium and phosphorus – we recommend giving your pet Kidney Dr.
    • Heart Disease – Diets that have too much sodium. We recommend giving your pet Heart & Circulation Tonic.
    • Diarrhea – Another common health condition. Make sure your pet’s diet has enough fibre. We recommend adding Vondi’s Diatomaceous Earth for gut health to remove unwanted parasites and bacteria and Vondi’s Spirulina to aid digestion, immunity & well-being. If your pet generally battles with digestion we recommend Digestive Support. It is also important to keep worms naturally at bay as this could also have an impact on your pet’s digestion. We recommend giving your pet Worm Dr Pets.
    • Poor Skin & Coat Health – Pets that don’t have good diets tend to have poor skin and coat health. We recommend giving your pet a Skin & Coat Tonic – keeping up appearances is also important for your furrend!.

At Feelgood Pets we are here to help you help your pet in the best possible natural way. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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