What’s REALLY in your pets’ dry food? Debunking the Healthy Pellet Myth.

Dry dog food and pellets

In recent years, pet food has become a hot topic of debate. One has to ask, what did dogs and cats eat before humans decided to mass produce synthetic dry food?

Whilst dry pet food may have, incarcerated in all that dryness, a few necessary vitamins and minerals to sustain our pets’ health, we still need to question the process. Just like we question processed food for human diets so should we ask the same for our pets’ diets. Are my pets getting the nutrients they need? What exactly is dry food made of? Can my pets eat human food? Let’s have a closer look at what goes into dry pet food. 

Meat and bone meal (MBM)

MBM is the inexpensive leftover high-protein powder commonly used in the cheaper dog and cat foods. Some renderings, like chicken meal, are said to be relatively pure because in this case the rendering plant is usually associated with a slaughterhouse that processes only chickens. However, this generic term can include any one species or a variety and often includes the meat of ill and dead animals and out-of-date supermarket meats.

Too many carbs, too little protein

The average pet food contains about 35% protein, 19% fat, and 37% carbohydrates- an interesting statistic considering cats and dogs are primarily carnivorous. Protein is the most expensive ingredient while carbs are the cheapest; so usually cheaper foods contain more carbs. Often, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and plant protein concentrates are used to get the protein up to minimum acceptable levels. This leads to an excess in calories and grains making dry food the leading cause of obesity in pets!


Since dry food has to sit on the shelf for months at a time (maybe even years) , you can understand why preservatives are in the mix! To remain edible through shipping and storage, fats used in pet foods are preserved with either synthetic or natural (questionable) preservatives.

So, where does that leave us?

As pet owners, we should be mindful about giving our furry friends a healthy and holistic diet- OUT WITH THE NASTY, IN WITH THE NATURAL.

Give your pet pals a balanced diet. We aren’t going cold turkey on the idea of feeding them anything other than meat, BUT dogs and cats are carnivores, so their natural diet is high protein and high moisture. DoggoBone Active Raw Food is raw dog food that consists of meat and bone, vegetables and vitamins and minerals. Vondi’s Holistic Raw Food comes in mutton, chicken and ostrich flavours and includes all the good stuff: Herbs, meat, veggies and olive oil. Swing by the Feelgood Health shop in Westlake to purchase these healthy meals.

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When treating your pets, give them something that will benefit them! Raw Love Organic Venison Droewors Treats for Cats and Dogs is air-dried organic venison droewors made from human grade meat. It contains no added salt, fat, sugar or spices- the right way to go about feeding your pet!

Add additional supplements

One of the reasons that dry food appeals so much to pet owners is because they are satisfied thinking that loads of vitamins and minerals are pressed into the pellets, however that’s not always the case. A good way to give your pets the extra strength that they need is by coupling additional supplements with their meals. Try Vondi’s Multi-Vitamin Supplement for Dogs and Cats which fulfils specific nutritious requirements that are often missing in processed foods! Vondi's Spirulina Sprinkles are also rich in essential oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins! With a range of brilliant Natural and Organic Pet Treats on the market today, there should never be an excuse not to take care of our beloved fur family.

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