Why a healthy immune system is so important to YOUR pet’s health!  

Healthy immune system for pets health

Your pet relies on its healthy immune system for optimum health and vitality, just like you! Pets with weak immune systems are not only vulnerable to infection from everyday illnesses, but also more prone to common health issues like worms, respiratory health issues, digestion issues and more serious diseases that can affect their vital organs like their liver, kidneys and heart. It is most definitely your job as a loving, caring pet owner to protect and care for your pet.

As a start, a ‘prevention is better than cure approach’ is vital.  This means making sure that your pet eats the correct food in correct proportions, gets adequate vitamin and mineral supplements, is well groomed  and gets regular exercise!

How would I know whether my dog or cat has a weak immune system?

Symptoms of weak immune systems in pets

  1. Pets that often have the sniffles and are continuously ill. Cats may show signs of excessive sneezing. Dogs may develop kennel cough. Both can be easily treated with FeliSafe for cats and KC-Defence for dogs.
  2. Recurrent infections like ear infections and bladder infections that fail to respond to treatments.
  3. Lethargy – pets who have little energy and a natural quest for life.
  4. Poor looking skin and coat – some pets may experience significant hair loss.
  5. Pets that have weaker immune systems may be a lot more susceptible to seasonal allergies, just like humans!
  6. Pets with weak immune systems are more prone to frequent worm and flea infestations, as well as recurring fungal infections like ringworm, fungal infections of the skin and mange.

Natural ways to build up your pet’s immunity and resistance

  • Encourage play and exercise - Keeping your pet fit is one of the best ways to boost immune health and promote overall well-being. Storing excess fat can weaken the immune system and lead to all kinds of diseases like diabetes and poor heart health. 
  • Very important – Food! Pets who are fed highly processed food like conventional pet food (high in fat and very little nutritional value) find themselves battling with all kinds of pet health issues later in life. We recommend a raw food diet like Doggobone. Due to its frozen nature it can be purchased directly from our shop in Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Bell Crescent, Westlake, Cape Town. Similarly, Vondi’s home cooked frozen food  contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs, without any nasty additives. Grandma Lucy’s Dry Artisan Food has the same nutritional value as raw food as it has been freeze dried from its natural form. It is convenient, all you need to do is add water and voila your pet has a perfectly balanced nutritious meal in seconds! 
  • Add pet health vitamin supplements to their diet. Vondi’s multi-vitamin, Spirulina Sprinkles and The Herbal Pet Everypet Formula are easy to administer and give your pet the necessary vitamins and minerals they require on a daily basis often lost in conventional pet food. Don’t forget about adding essential omega’s to your pet’s diet! Vondi’s OM3 Omega Supplement for Pets is a concentrated Omega Supplement, which is easily mixed into your pet’s food every day.
  • To provide specific support to your pet’s immune system, see Feelgood Pets Immunity & Liver Support (can be used daily as an immune tonic or as a natural antibiotic alternative)

    We hope we have helped you with natural ways to keep your pet’s immune system healthy and strong in order for it to protect against and combat viruses and infections and other ailments should they appear. For any questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always here to help and offer the best natural advice for your pet’s health needs.

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