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Help Heal your Dog - DIY Rub for Arthritis & Painful Joints in Dogs

DIY Rub for Arthritis in Dogs

Apart from Feelgood Pets natural arthritis and joint pain remedies you can also create your own arthritis rub for dogs. Animals (especially cats) can be sensitive to essential oils so it is advised to keep quantities low and in proper ratio. Please note that this rub is not for cats.



  1. Add 1 drop of each essential oil to the Almond or Coconut Oil
  2. Mix well and apply to the affected area as needed

Watch out for sore joints!

Most pets suffer from arthritis in either the hip, shoulder or paw area. Your dog could either be constantly licking this area in hope of healing the area or will yelp when you touch it. Your pet could also have a decrease in appetite and appear to be very lethargic. Go easy and be sensitive to painful areas and be gentle with them!

Did you know that you can treat your pet’s arthritis by:

  1. Establish if your pet has a leaky gut (common in humans these days) often caused from poor nutrition, antibiotics and other toxic drugs, over-vaccination (when the body is forced to respond to a vaccine to which it has already established antibodies, this can wreak havoc on your pet’s immune system).
  2. Fix the fats – too much bad fat, not enough good fat – Put your pet on a raw food diet and pay attention to the fat content in conventional pet food (it is often very high). Add Flax Oil for Animals to your pet’s diet (rich in all the essential omegas).
  3. Add natural antioxidants to your pet’s diet like turmeric, blueberries, herbs – oregano, basil, parsley, cumin and ginger.
  4. Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory. Add Spirulina Sprinkles to your pet’s meals.

We hope that we have helped you help your pet in the best natural ways. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!

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