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How often should your pet be bathed?

How often should you bath a pet?

It is a question that many pet owners often ask themselves and one that has a really simple answer. Unlike human skin that can be very acidic, pets have a much more alkaline skin. They do a really good job at grooming themselves and often don’t need to be bathed more than once a month if that. Different breeds can tend to be more stinky than others so bathing your dog is really just doing no more than making them smell more pleasant for human enjoyment! However, if your pet tends to spend a lot more time outdoors in sand and dirt, it might make sense to bathe them more often to avoid bacteria building up leading to all kinds of skin issues.

If your dog’s fur just needs a little refreshing and deodorising, rather than a bath, you can also use Natura Pets Dry Lavender Shampoo in between baths. You’ll save water too!

Conventional pet grooming products can be filled with all kinds of harmful ingredients. Don’t use them! Just like us, your pet’s skin also absorbs up to 70% of whatever you put on it so why would you want to allow them the risk of absorbing potent chemical ingredients through their skin? At Feelgood Pets we have an amazing range of grooming products that are all natural and also kind to the environment.

Do cats need to be bathed?

It is no secret that generally cats do not enjoy the pleasures that regular bathing can offer. Cat fur can accumulate dirt over time and bathing your cat will help eliminate the risk of skin issues. Cats that spend most of their days lazing around indoors generally do not have be bathed more than twice a year however, if your cat is the exploring kind it is recommend to bathe them more regularly, at least once a month if you can. Always remember that the younger you start doing this, the better the bathing experience will become.

Can bathing my pet help control fleas?

With fleas come flea eggs that simply love breeding and nesting in your pet’s warm cosy fur. If your pet has fleas, we highly recommend bathing them regularly with Vondi’s flea control shampoo. You can also finish off their grooming routine with Vondi’s flea powder. Both these products contain Khakibos, a natural flea repellent and no harsh chemicals and can be used as often as you feel you need to. You can also use Vondi’s Khakibos Flea Spray inside kennels and on blankets and mats.

Can pets with sensitive skin be bathed?

Using the right kind of pet shampoo that contains ingredients that can help your pet’s sensitive skin might make bathing something that actually provides your pet with some kind of relief.  We recommend using Natura Pet Hypo-Allergen Shampoo. The ingredients in this particular shampoo and conditioner can assist with sensitive skin issues your pet might be battling with. We also recommend using Dermascent Atop 7 Spray on your pet’s hot spots or sensitive skin areas.

If your pet finds the bathing experience very traumatic, we recommend giving them some PetCalm just to take the edge off the experience. PetCalm is a homeopathic remedy that calms stressed & anxious pets.

Your pet’s nose and paws are important to them and can often become dry and cracked especially in the cooler months of the year. We recommend always finishing off a groom with Natura Pets Snout & Paw Butter. The amazing natural ingredients in this product also make it a perfect natural sunscreen for your pet!

We hope we have helped you to decide just how often your furry friend should be bathed. For questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact usOur Feelgood Pets team is always happy to advise the best natural ways to care for your pet.

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