The Perks of Training your Dog PLUS HOW TO TRAIN your dog to shake hands!

Dog Tarining: How to train your dog to shake hands

If you’ve ever gone to a friend for a dinner party, and have had to experience their fur friend sitting right under your nose waiting to be given some of your food, then you know how important it is for doggies to be trained. Maybe you’ve walked into a place wearing crisp and clean white pants and BOB the Beagle has jumped up and decorated them with muddy paw prints. Perfect. Bob’s your uncle and you’re good to walk inside and greet your fellow guests.

Training a dog is imperative, for you and especially for them. It prevents confusion, hopelessness and despair. Here are some of the many benefits of training your pooch:

Table Manners

When it comes to eating at the table, or eating on the couch for that matter, dogs shouldn’t be too near. The temptation of indulging in your delicious food is too easy and you’re too sweet and kind to say “no” to that cute face. And you can’t stop it once it’s started. Ultimately, its best to be able to sit at the table and have a family chat, and have BOB respectfully sitting by his own delicious food enjoying his meal. Hands stay sanitized and guest stay comfortable.

Social Skills

Training your dog allows them to adapt to people and behave accordingly, which means that you can bring BOB to the park and play fetch without him bothering other people or picking fights with other dogs. It also means that when a visitor comes over, he doesn’t jump up on them to say hi but rather patiently waits for his friendly pat.

Less obedience problems

Opening up the communication channels between you and your dog and perfecting pitch, call and command certainly makes it easier for boundaries to be set in the future, when those small annoyances start creeping up. No need to worry about any runaway stunts or bolting out the gate. Your pet will listen to you, and respect you.

A step by step guide on training your dog to shake hands!

  1. Get your dog in his sitting position and crouch in front of him.
  2. Show him a treat in your left hand and gently close your fist afterwards.
  3. Say “shake” and prompt your dog’s paw into your hand by either lifting his paw or gently tapping his elbow.
  4. Release his paw and give him a tasty treat and positive affirmations like “good” or “yes".  Try Hunters Training Snack.
  5. Repeat Step 3 as long as you need to until ultimately your doggy is shaking your hand upon your “shake” command.
  6. Gradually phase out the treats, so he only gets a treat occasionally once you are sure he knows the trick.

Training your dog works best with rewards. These should always include a positive remark like 'Good Boy' and a pat on the head, as well as a healthy snack. We have picked out some delicious, natural training snacks for dogs that will keep YOUR dog sitting up for more!

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