Fun ways to keep your pets entertained this holiday!


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Summer has finally arrived and there's no better time of the year to get down and dirty with your pets. The sun is out and they're ready to play! Find out why play is so important for your pets' health and well-being.

This time of year brings longer daylight hours which means you'll have way more time to spend gallivanting and frolicking around with your fur babies. You might even have time off work, leaving your days open for quality family time. Take advantage of this holiday and spend as much time playing with your pets - it not only benefits them, but YOU will also feel the effects of endorphins, laughter and connecting with your inner-child!

Keeping your dog entertained

You may notice certain 'destructive' behaviour from your dogs, such as excessive barking, chewing and digging. Instead of getting angry and thinking that they're being naughty, PLAY with them - they're more than likely bored. If your dogs aren't given the tools to keep busy, they find alternative ways to entertain themselves, such as the above-mentioned 'destructive' pastimes.

If your day is looking busy and you can't take them to the park or beach, try surrounding them with toys that will keep them entertained at home:

  • Blesbok Squweeky Dog ToyThis cuddly companion is soft enough to cuddle but durable enough to be chewed and pulled. The middle sisal rope feature on this toy also makes it the perfect dog chew toy. The Blesbok features a unique sounding supersized squeaker inside to capture your pup's attention! 
  • Interactive Squeaky Monkey Toy: This squeaky dog toy is designed for interactive play, NOT chewing! The squeaker inside the monkey toy for extra fun and excitement will keep your dog pouncing in delight!
  • Dog Toy Duck - Squeak free: A good quality interactive plush toy duck for best doggy fun. Squeak free to save YOUR sanity! Made from cotton & polyester and fully washable. Prevent boredom and keep your pooch happy!

Let them run wild on the beach or in a park!

Taking your dogs to an open space gives them the much-needed opportunity to have fun, exercise and be stimulated by their environment. Take a run with them in a park or on the beach to boost your fitness and have fun with them! All of you are sure to return home with happy hormones soaring through your bodies!

  • Take this Throw and Fetch Toy Duck with to make exercise fun and keep dogs and their owners happy & fit! The rope handle makes it easy to launch this duck for your dog to run after and fetch! When he catches it, the duck squeaks for extra effect! Fun to fetch and fun to chew!
  • If your doggy is not yet trained, you might want to keep them on a leash in public spaces, especially if there are other dogs there, too. This Bungee Running Leash is made for people who exercise with their dogs. This fantastic dog leash ticks ALL the boxes and is perfect for outdoor dogs who love going on long runs with their owners!
  • Some dogs and cats struggle with sun exposure, especially hairless or light coloured pets and those who have sensitive or damaged skin. Try this High Protection Natural Sunscreen for dogs & cats to protect them from the UV rays. It WILL protect them from the sun, but it WON’T be bad for their health if they lick it! (NOTE: This is a good reason why commercial human sunscreens should NOT be used on pets!)

There are many more fun dog toys to choose from. Have a look and see what you think you and your pooch would like!

Keeping your cat entertained

Most people assume that cats don't need to play or be kept stimulated due to their independent nature. However, assuming that they don't need it is in fact NOT true. Cats benefit from interaction and play as much as dogs do, especially older cats who tend to be 'lazy'. Not only will regular play keep cats happy and stimulated, it will help to prevent obesity and also keep their brains ‘young’ – so that they don’t become senile in their old age! While taking your cat to the beach will probably end up absolutely disastrous, there are ways to play with them at home.

Cats have a wild nature so giving them toys that mimic prey will awaken their hunting instincts:

  • Melody Motion Bird: You will love to watch while your kitty plays with this motion activated bird that makes realistic bird sounds. Happily, there will be no feathers scattered around and the outdoor birds will be spared!
  • Motion Operated Interactive Activity Mouse: This motion activated mouse moves when your cat touches it and the sound chip adds realistic sounds for extra stimulation. Your cat will be bouncing around with this toy for hours!
  • Catnip Chew Fishy Fun: Filled with catnip to attract cats, which is a well-known mood enhancer for cats. The netting helps to remove soft tartar from teeth and massages gums - great for their dental hygiene!

There are many more kitty toys to choose from. Have a look and see what you think your cat would like!

Keeping their tummies happy

Both dogs and cats thrive on reward (just like us humans). Combine their play and exercise with training and REWARD them with delicious and healthy treats. Their bond with you will exceed your highest expectation.

We challenge you to make this holiday the absolute best one for both you and your beloved pets! Feel free to send us photos of you and your pets on the beach, playing with toys and having fun this December!

Happy holidays from the Feelgood Pets team :) 

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