Natural homemade sunscreen recipe for pets!

Natural sunscreen for pets recipe

Have you heard of pet sunscreen? Well I have and with very good reason. Your pet might have a thick layer of fur protecting its skin from the sun, but there are many reasons why dogs and cats might also need to use a pet sunscreen. If any of the following factors apply to YOUR pet, then sun protection is a must!

  • Dogs or cats with short hair;
  • Bald patches, hot spots or other skin conditions;
  • White or light coloured dogs or cats, especially on sensitive areas like noses and ears;
  • Dogs or cats who spend lots of time outdoors, hiking, on the beach, etc

Why should you use natural sunscreen on your pet?

You have probably already heard about all the nasty chemicals found in conventional sunscreens that cause more harm than good right? Now imagine all this being absorbed into your pet’s skin and if that isn’t bad enough, ingested too, because, let’s face it, our furry friends love licking at whatever we put on them! The answer is really simple – you either use natural pet sunscreen or you make your own sunscreen for dogs or cats using pure, natural, pet friendly ingredients that are not only good at nourishing and protecting your pet's skin from the harsh sun rays, but also mother-earth friendly! (Did you know that store bought sunscreens have been found to be at least partly responsible for the degradation of coral reefs?)

If DIY is not your thing, don’t worry! Feelgood Pets has your back (and your pet’s back too) with Sunfree, a 100% natural sunscreen formulated specifically for pets. If you love making your own, however, here is an excellent recipe for a pet-friendly sunscreen!

DIY sunscreen recipe for pets

You are going to need:


  1. Add all the above oils to a double boil and simmer on a low heat for approx. 20 minutes
  2. Add the essential oils and stir in. Let the mixture cool down.
  3. Once cooled, place the sunscreen mixture into a glass jar. If the mixture melts in warmer temperatures simply place it in the fridge to firm up.
  4. Always test it on your furry friend first on a small area for any allergic reaction. If there is any kind of redness or inflammation, discontinue use immediately and rather use the sunscreen on yourself

We hope we have helped you find the perfect pet sunscreen recipe for your pet! For any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us!

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