Put a Spring in their step with our TOP TEN natural Spring products for pets!

Put a Spring in their step with our TOP TEN natural Spring products for pets!

Put a Spring in their step with our TOP TEN natural Spring products for pets!

Spring has sprung and it’s that time of the year where flowers are blooming and snouts are sneezing! The Feelgood Pets team knows that our fur parents only want the best for their pets, that is why we have decided to give you our TOP TEN must-have natural products for Spring. 

Just like humans, pets are prone to seasonal allergies, worms, skin conditions…and much more! It is important that you have the best natural remedies for them when they need it so as to limit their discomfort and to keep their health in tip top shape (especially your older fur companions!).

Feelgood Pets comes to the rescue with our list of the top selling natural products to keep your fur babies safe and healthy this Spring. In line with our nature-friendly policies, they are good for your pets and good for Mother Earth too!:

  1. AllergiClear Pets is a natural remedy that reduces and prevents the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, flea bite dermatitis or inhaled allergens such as grass or pollen as well as decreases or eliminates dependence on and side effects of cortisone and antihistamine drugs
  2. Allergy Itch Ease is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy that relieves itchy skin in dogs and cats, soothes acute skin allergies and helps to protect against inflamed, infected skin and hot spots
  3. Skin & Coat Tonic is an all-natural herbal skin tonic that accelerates healing of skin lesions, hot spots and fungal infections of the skin. Skin & Coat Tonic also improves and conditions dry scaly skin, eczema and relieves itching, helping fur to grow back and restore a glossy coat
  4. Vondi’s Khakibos Tick & Flea Pet Shampoo is an all-natural shampoo for pets (without any harmful chemicals!) that is gentle on the skin and helps to keep ticks and fleas away. Use together with Vondi’s Khakibos Flea Spray or Vondi’s Khakibos Flea Powder for dogs and cats as part of a total flea control program!
  5. Respo-K is a natural and effective homeopathic remedy that relieves the symptoms of colds and respiratory infections in pets and helps to prevent secondary infections of the respiratory system
  6. Worm Dr Pets is an all-natural herbal formula that expels internal parasites (such as roundworm or tapeworm) and restores digestive health after parasitic infection.
  7. Immunity & Liver Support is an excellent all-round tonic to improve health and functioning, boosting the immune system and resistance against disease and infection
  8. Colloidal Silver Gel has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibiotic properties and helps to soothe and heal the skin including cuts, scrapes, stings, insect bites, hotspots and minor burns
  9. AllisOne Nat Mur Tissue Salt no. 9 supports water balance in cells and systemic vitality, reducing oedema (swelling) and assisting with water retention and bloating that often accompanies hot weather and dehydration
  10. PetCalm is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy that quickly calms anxious, stressed and highly-strung pets or those with nervous dispositions

As the days get warmer (and longer!), you will find that your fur friend will be wanting to spend more time outdoors and playing around in the garden. To avoid them getting bored and digging up your plants (oh dear!), make sure that they have enough toys to play with to keep them occupied! Feelgood Pets offers a wide range of toys for dogs and cats that will keep them happy and active all season!

We hope that your pets stay comfortable and healthy as the weather starts warming up. Feel free to contact us by sending an email to help@feelgoodhealth.co.za or calling us on 0217970193 if you have any health concerns regarding your fur friend (or yourself!).

Happy Spring everyone! :)

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