Pet Clothing - Fashion statement or more ?

Dog clothing! Fashion statement or more?

There is nothing more adorable than seeing a dog dressed up in dog clothing! It seems to be a growing trend all over the world and a rather pricey trend for that matter. In order to justify your spending on your canine friend’s wardrobe, it might be useful to know that by keeping your pet warm & snug with clothing, you could also be adding to their overall wellbeing and health and saving on expensive vet bills in the long run.

How do I know if my dog needs to wear dog clothes?

There are some important factors to consider when deciding if your dog does in fact need that cute & cuddly sweater or T-Shirt:

  1. Do they show visible signs of shivering when they are cold?
  2. Does their coat have thin fur?
  3. Do they battle with runny noses and sneeze more than usual at times?
  4. What kind of immune system does your dog have? Have they had kennel cough before?
  5. Are they exposed to other dogs often – perhaps they attend a doggy day care where the spread of various viruses is more rife, especially in winter?
  6. Does your dog get stiff or painful joints in winter?
  7. The most important one – do they just deserved to be spoilt? ;)

If you have answered yes to ANY of the above questions then your dog should be wearing clothing.

What do I do if my dog doesn’t want to wear dog clothing?

We recommend first trying out a less restricted item, like a dog bandanna. Let your dog get used to having an extra accessory on them besides their collar for example. If this goes well, then try and introduce a loose and comfortable item of dog clothing. If there is still resistance and you experience a dog that won’t move let alone eat or drink then face it, you have lost the dog clothing fight. You should never shout or get angry and frustrated with your dog if it refuses to take to the idea of clothing. You just need to accept it and maybe try again at a later stage.

Tips when buying dog clothing

  • Zippers are an absolute no no – they could easily get stuck in fur or skin and cause more harm than good!
  • Maybe luck isn’t on your side this particular day and the item you want for your dog might not have its’ size in that perfect design or colour – don’t buy clothing that is too tight or loose!
  • Fabric choice – If you live in a place that doesn’t get too cold then a light t-shirt makes the perfect choice!
  • Avoid too many beads and bling – dogs tend to chew and tug at these and they could become a health hazard
  • Choose clothing that can be easily washed
  • Make sure the clothing is durable – it makes no sense buying something that looks good but breaks the first time it is worn

At Feelgood Pets we would like your pet to always look and feel great. We have a stunning selection of dog friendly clothing and accessories that we would love to share with your furry friend! For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help in the best possible natural way.

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