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Should domesticated dogs sleep inside or outside?

is it better for dogs to sleep indoors or outdoors

Is it better for your dog to sleep indoors out outdoors?

Whether it's better for dogs to sleep inside or outside has been an ongoing debate! While some people argue that it's cruel for dogs to sleep outside, others argue the opposite! However, given the points we will discuss further in this article, there are multiple factors to consider. Your dog's breed, their health status, night temperatures and personal preference all play a part in determining whether your dog should sleep inside or outside.

Every household has a different preference when it comes to deciding where their dog sleeps. While it should certainly be a personal choice, dog owners should also be aware of the risks involved with a dog sleeping outside AND the risks of dogs sleeping inside. You'll soon see that there is no one set answer - it really all depends on many factors!

Night temperatures

Many dog owners prefer their dogs sleeping indoors because they worry about their dog being affected by cold night temperatures. The truth is that most dogs can withstand cooler weather than humans can, due to their fur, body fat and skin! The statistics of dogs becoming ill from cold temperatures are far LESS than dogs becoming ill (and even dying) from hot temperatures! However, dogs are still susceptible to risks associated with cold temperatures - it's the responsibility of the pet owner to know when it's too cold for their dog!

If you're living in an area where the night temperatures are about 12°C, you don't have to worry about your long-haired dog being affected by the cold. Short-haired dogs are probably safer in warmer night temperatures. The best thing you can do as a pet owner is to monitor your dog and look out for signs that they may be cold, which include shaking, whining, keeping their tail and legs tucked under and their ears pinned back against their head. In some places, night temperatures are very warm, in which case it may be ideal for your dog to sleep outside (unless your home is cooler indoors than outdoors)!

Your dog's health and age

Some dogs may be more susceptible to colder temperatures than others. Puppies require warmer temperatures than adult dogs, therefore it may be best for them to sleep indoors until they are slightly older. If you would prefer your puppy to sleep outdoors (given that the night temperatures are not too cold), you may want to consider buying them jackets and making sure they're sheltered from the wind and cold. Providing puppies with warm blankets in a kennel would be the best way to ensure they are protected from the cold! Older dogs, especially those who are suffering from arthritis, may not handle sleeping outside very well. The cold is known to worsen arthritis and joint pain, so it's best to scratch the idea of them sleeping outside completely, and treat them with extra care and attention! 

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If your dog is sleeping outside, it's essential you provide them with a good quality kennel to shelter them from the night's elements, including rain, wind and the cold! If dogs were left undomesticated in the wild, you would never find them sleeping in an open or exposed location. Wild dogs have always found areas such as caves or crevices to sleep in, and are not designed to be exposed to the night's elements. Besides the obvious qualities like being sturdy and durable, dog kennels should also be water and wind proof, as well as elevated off the ground to prevent your dog from feeling the cold of the ground. Add some warm and soft blankets to the floor of the dog kennel to keep them comfortable and happy!

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Their natural instinct

While many pet owners view their dogs as their very own children, we must remember that dogs are not human! Although your dog may be domesticated, he or she will still possess an instinctive and wild nature, and thrive on being outdoors. It's not fair to force your dog to live inside your house all the time as if they were human. In a nutshell, if your dog is frail or a breed that's not made for outdoors, letting them sleep indoors will indeed be better for them! If you want your dog to sleep outdoors, ensure their sleeping conditions are warm and comfortable!

So – the debate continues! Let us know what YOU think? Should dogs sleep inside or outside?

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