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What is Feline Depression ? Does your cat show any of the common symptoms?

Information on Feline Depression Depression in Cats

What is feline depression in cats?

Just like humans cats can also get depressed. If there is nothing physically wrong with your cat and you have noticed that something just doesn’t seem right with your kitty then you will quickly learn that your cat is just feeling a bit down in the dumps!

Cats are generally very sensitive to their environments and owners, so if you have recently moved home or experienced a death in the family or an animal companion, this can very well trigger a depression.

What are the common symptoms of feline depression?

If your once loving & affectionate kitty has become:

  • Lethargic and seems to be sleeping a lot more than usual
  • Less interested in food
  • Doesn’t seem to take much pride in grooming itself
  • Is aggressive toward you or other pets which is out of the ordinary
  • Seems to be hiding out in isolated places for long periods of time
  • Doesn’t purr when you make contact

 Then your cat could be suffering from feline depression.

How can you naturally help your cat overcome feline depression?

  1. Encourage cat owner play interaction – this can be done by playing with cat friendly toys. We recommend cat toys that have catnip in them which can naturally improve your cat’s mood:

For cats that enjoy fun motion toys we recommend:

  1. Establish a grooming time of the day for your cat - Feelgood Pets has a wonderful selection of natural grooming products for your cat to enjoy:
  • Natura Pets All Natural Dry Pet Shampoo requires no water no fuss. Simply sprinkle on your cat’s fur and rub in. Your cat will be left smelling and looking great.
  • Natura Pets Ear Cleanser will naturally help clean your cat’s ears and assist in the removal of wax build up due to lack of grooming.
  • Finish off your cat’s groom session with Vondi’s Khakibos Powder which will naturally help repel against fleas for an itch free skin.
  • Stress can affect your cat’s digestion - Kunduchi Super Grass can be conveniently grown in 7 – 12 days. Especially with the water crisis, your cat can still reap the health benefits of grass in their diet for the natural removal of uncomfortable fur balls.
  • Help your cat feel more secure by offering it an old worn t-shirt or jersey to sleep on.
  1. Gently talk to your cat as often as you can and remain constant with your TLC.
  2. Allow your cat to wear a Nurture Calm Pheromone Collar which naturally releases the necessary pheromones which were similar to what her mother released when she was a kitten to help her feel more at ease and safe. This collar can be worn for up to 30 days which is usually the amount of time required to overcome pet/human separation anxiety, inappropriate marking, destructive behaviour and aggressive behaviour.

What natural supplements and remedies should you give to your depressed cat?

  1. PetCalm will help your cat to feel more relaxed and less stressed during this time
  2. If your cat has become aggressive then you can help by giving your cat Aggression Formula which will help calm your cat and reduce aggression
  3. Depression can put strain on your cat’s immunity so we recommend giving your cat Immunity & Liver Support
  4. If you cat seems to have a loss in appetite you can add a nutritional food supplement like Vondi’s Food Supplement to meals once a day
  5. Vondi’s Spirulina can also be added to meals for extra immunity, help with digestion and well-being support
  6. Just like us it is essential that your cat has lots of omega at this time to help fight the depression – we recommend adding Flax for Animals Omega 3 Supplement to their diet. Flax will also contribute to overall skin & coat health of your cat.

How long does feline depression last for in cats?

As we all know cats do what they want when they want. This also means that they will remain depressed for as long as it takes for them to feel better! However, with your loving help, your furry feline should be feeling better and back to normal before long!.

Always remember stars can’t shine without night. Good Luck!

If you have any questions relating to any of the products we are always here to help and assist you in the best possible way.


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