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AllisOne Immuno Synergy Tissue Salts: Pet Anti-Allergy & Immune Health


R 130.00 ZAR 


AllisOne Immuno Synergy - The 'Body Guardian' Blend 

  • Strengthens the immune system to prevent illness in dogs, cats and horses
  • Helps to overcome infection
  • Assists in balancing the immune response to reduce allergies
  • Reduces inflammation and helps in the prevention of recurrent health problems
  • Assists in the treatment of skin and respiratory allergies in pets
  • Economical! Contains 5 tissue salts - Calc Sulph, Silicea, Nat Mur, Ferrum Phos, Kali Mur
  • Lactose & sugar-free (vegan, vegetarian & diabetic friendly)
  • Local: Proudly made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

    How to use:

    Tissue salts may be taken preventatively, as well as for acute and chronic conditions, according to dosage. They may be given 'as is' or crushed into a powder and sprinkled on food or into water. AllisOne Immuno Synergy helps to support overall immune system health and reduce inflammation related to allergies.

    If your pet is having an acute allergy flare up or needs extra immune support, we recommend increasing the dosage frequency to three or four times daily, reducing again when things improve.  

    • Horses: Three tablets twice daily. May be given by hand, most horses love them and eat them like a treat!
    • Large and medium dogs: One tablet twice daily
    • Small dogs and cats: One tablet daily - crush and sprinkle on food
    • Birds and other smaller animals: Crush one tablet daily and add to water 
    TIP: Use together with Feelgood Pets Immunity & Liver Support  - a natural herbal remedy to support immune system health in animals.

      Why we love AllisOne Tissue Salts

      AllisOne Biochemic Tissue Salts are prepared in accordance with traditional biochemic methods, using a modern sugar-free and lactose-free base and no animal derivatives. They are friendly to teeth and blood sugar levels, suitable for everyone including low glycaemic eaters, slimmers, diabetics, vegetarians, vegans and children. Animals also benefit from tissue salts just as much as people do! 

      AllisOne Tissue Salts are manufactured locally in South Africa, keeping your carbon footprint down and helping to preserve our planet. 

        Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.