Savings Combo! Cat Toy Combo LED Pointer PLUS Battery Mouse (SAVE 10%)


R 220.50 

  • Buy two amazing cat toys together and SAVE 10%
  • Keep your kitty active and happy for hours!
  • The perfect gift for pussy cats that deserve to be spoiled!
  • Get the Cat Toy Interactive LED PLUS a fun Battery Operated Cat Toy Running Mouse for lots of kitty fun!

Hours of exercise and fun!

All cats need exercise and play time, something that indoor cats often miss out on. While it may seem that your cat prefers snoozing in the sun all day, cats are naturally attracted to movement and hunting and this is how they would get their exercise in the wild. This interactive LED pointer toy for cats casts a tempting mouse silhouette and will have your kitty jumping and chasing for hours!  Add a fun running mouse for variety and your cat or kitten will have the best fun time!