Fun Cat Toy Tadpole with Catnip - Motorized


R 65.00 

  • Contains ground Catnip, a herb well-known for attracting cats!
  • Catnip boosts feelings of well-being and fun in cats who often begin playing like kittens when exposed to this herb!
  • This fun toy is motorised and the tail moves when it is pulled, arousing your kitty's natural hunting instincts
  • An excellent fun toy to increase exercise and activity levels in cats, especially those who are mostly indoors. 
  • 18 cm long

Is your kitty a coach potato? 

We can take dogs for walks but most indoor cats are under-exercised and bored. In the wild, cats are naturally active animals and need to stay active for optimal health. This can be a challenge for cats and pet owners alike, as cats are also notoriously fond of sleeping all day!

This is where cat toys can make all the difference! They are not only fun for cats, but they also help cats and their humans (or should we say 'slaves'!?) to bond and enjoy play time together, while increasing activity and exercise levels and keeping boredom at bay. 

This motorised herbal cat toy contains ground Catnip for extra feline pleasure - your cat will have hours of fun and enjoyment!