Happy Cat Stress Free Toy (with Valerian) for Anxious Cats


R 95.00 

  • Contains ground Valerian root, a herb recognised for its relaxing effects on the nervous system and its attractiveness to cats. to calm cats down while they play
  • Helps stressed and anxious cats, encourages relaxation and promotes well-being
  • Helps to ease stress related behaviours and illnesses in cats
  • Particularly useful for moving house, travel, vet visits and cattery stays
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable herbal toy for cats
  • Use together with Feelgood Pets PetCalm - a homeopathic remedy for pets.

Is your kitty stressed? 

Just like people, cats can also experience stress. Some cats are naturally stressed and anxious by disposition, while others can become stressed due to life events like moving home, being abandoned, going to the vet, coming to terms with loss or even having to adjust to a new baby in the house!

Whatever, the reason, help is at hand. Just as you would give your child a comforting toy to help in times of stress, so can your cat benefit from the herbal Happy Cat Stress Free Toy. This herbal cat toy contains ground Valerian herb which has a soothing and relaxing effect on cats.

For chronically anxious cats, use together with Feelgood Pets PetCalm - a homeopathic remedy for pets.