Nurture Natural Calming Spray for Anxious Cats (29 ml)


R 286.00 


Calm & soothe your cat with this pheromone infused calming spray

  • Proven to effectively treat behavioural problems in cats due to stress, anxiety and phobias
  • Reduces anxious, aggressive or anti-social behaviour, including defecating or urinating in the home, excessive meowing, scratching or compulsive licking due to anxiety
  • Also effective for cats who suffer from anxiety due to travel, thunderstorms, fireworks and social interaction. Simply spraying in the area will calm your cat down quickly!
  • Contains pheromones that mimic those released by mother cats to calm their kittens. Also contains calming lavender and chamomile. 

How does it work? 

Simply spray in the area. Do not spray into your cat's face! Pheromone technology is proven to modify stress behaviour and naturally calms cats, while being a very effective alternative to prescription medications.  They can be used without long term side effects and are effective for all breeds of cats. Calming your cat naturally also works to prevent the formation of bad habits as a result of anxiety. 

Pheromones are chemicals released by animals to convey certain messages via the sense of smell. This usually happens on a subconscious basis. This clever spray contains pheromones similar to those released by the mother to trigger a feeling of safety and well-being in her kittens. These are still effective later in life!  Spraying Nurture Calming Spray in the area will help to calm your cat and lasts up to an hour after spraying. With regular use, the calming effects will begin to become permanent and you will have a very much more relaxed cat! After this, you will only have to use the spray now and again when your cat is especially stressed - for example, on visits to the vet, while traveling or moving, during thunderstorms or fireworks, etc. 

Nurture Calming Spray for Cats can also be used along with Feelgood Pets homeopathic PetCalm remedy. 

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please consult your veterinarian if symptoms persist.