Signature Links Cozy 'n Cute Dog Sweater!


R 180.00 

  • Warm and snuggly dog sweater
  • Perfect for moderate to cold winters (not too thick for the South African winter!)
  • Keeps chest and tummy warm while leaving legs free
  • Just imagine how cute your fur kid will look in this gorgeous sweater!
  • The perfect gift for your special canine friend!

Dogs look gorgeous in this cute and fashionable sweater!

While South African winters are not generally extreme, they can certainly be chilly - chilly enough for humans to put on a jacket or sweater when going outdoors. If you need to wear warmer clothing, the same applies to your furry family - especially those with shorter coats!

Don't go outdoors without pulling on this snuggly and cute sweater for dogs! Your dog will look the picture and attract lots of admiration, while keeping warm and protected against the chilly air - perfect for those winter walks! 

Simply pull over your pooch's head and front paws and off you go!


Size Small - Length 21 cm, Chest 34 cm, Neck 22 cm

Size Medium - Length 25 cm, Chest 40 cm , Neck 26 cm

Size Large - Length 30 cm, Chest 44 cm, Neck 30 cm